Yoga in Wien

Gutes für Körper & Geist

originated in India, the body of traditions leads back 3-4 000 years.The word itself derives from “yui”, Sanskrit for “to yoke”, “to unite”. 

Actually Yoga helps balancing body, mind and breath. The physical exercise, Asana, invented to be/get able to sit, rest & stay in Meditation (without pain), release, relax & calm. 

Through breath, a part of Prana (energy), the exercises get invigorated. Asanas, Breathing (Pranayama) & Relaxation (Pratyahara & more) ease body & mind, resolve blockages, free tensions.  


my acquisition

Raja & Hatha, including elements from both Karma & Kundalini as well ….meaning for me: 

Inner & outer composure/attitude; bias/alignment; elongation, breath/aeration; relaxation of body & mind, calmness

Traditional Yoga origined in Patanjali; one of the classic ways; body & minds development is a goal. Yoga is a holistic exercising technique, balancing body & mind. Physical exercise ASANA, breathing techniques PRANAYAMA, meditation, relaxation & more…..


Everybody is able to practice YOGA

YOGA maintains, supports, raises well-being & health. No particular stamina or precognicition are required!

All movements are done steady & stepwise, accompanied by deep, moderate breath before or during relaxation. Physical exercises deal with the body, lengthen & strengthen muscles, sinews & joints as well as they preserve spines flexibility. 





- prevents postural deformity, pain, or aids/supports their rehabilitation

- strengthens the back, makes it more agile

- helpful during or/and after anastasis

- invigorates the immune system

- appeases headaches & sleep disorder

- relieves stress, relaxes, calms

- deepens the breath

- links left & right brain-hemisphere

- enhances concentration