Yoga in Wien

Gutes für Körper & Geist

FLOW NUAD  established by Veni Labi 

Nuad means beneficial touch/ beneficial contact

its roots ly within Indian Yoga and Ayurveda (the knowledge of Life)


- you may think of it / I describe it as passive Yoga; an Energy-; Body-; Awareness - exercise which lasts 60 to 120 Minutes


Attentiveness, perception, relaxation .. are to be experienced


relieve pressure in different positions such as dorsale, prone, lateral or / and cane bottomed


let yourself be moved 

stretched and straightended

while you´re about to relax, savour, let loose


discover dilatoriness, respiration, relaxation..

let yourself get gently moved...






don´t hesitade to contact me if there are any questions or/and you want to book an appointment

0660/ 46 89 043